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Scalp Micropigmentation aka Scalp Art

Here at Scalp Logic, we strive to provide professional, expert training for future Scalp Micropigmentation Artist. We offer long-term training sessions in small groups or one on one sessions. Learning a new career can be challenging, but here at Scalp Logic, we provide support from start to finish.

We pride ourselves in providing a solid foundation, expert knowledge, continual support, and a focused mindset geared for success. Providing free training on YouTube is proof of our commitment to training and education.

What you’ll learn

Our Intense training program will provide you with the tools and experience needed to start your own successful career in the Scalp Micropigmentation industry. Contact us today to schedule your training!

• 4-day On-site Classroom Training

• Live demonstrations

• Hands-on Experience on models

• Continuous Support

• One On One Trainings

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November 14th – 17th

October 27th – 30th


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