Online Mentorship Program

Learning tattooing has always been more effective through a mentorship. Scalp Logic is very excited to bring a program that you as an artist can actually learn. As well as keeping the integrity on our part, by providing the best training and continuous support.

  • Setting up the tray
  • Knowing the tools
  • Needles
  • The ink
  • How to hold the machine
  • Depth and Density
  • Consultation
  • Forms
  • Pricing
  • Hairlines
  • Pricing
  • Pain management
  • Women Baldness
  • Exercises to Perfect the techniques that are needed to be the best Artist.
  • Once you go through the foundations and gaining the knowledge needed is where the mastering the skills start. You practice at home then send in the work completed

Steps in the online courses

Go through the lessons and gain the knowledge needed

Start the Exercises 

Send in the Exercises and wait for feedback

(This is what sets us apart) We truly critique and give all the feedback. To get to get you the skill that you’re going to need. We send feedback as many times as needed. 

We customize this extra step to go over the parts you are struggling with. Our goal is to come along side to mentor you and to give exercises just for you.

Graduate the program 

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I've been a permanent makeup artist for more than 20 years and have been an educator in the industry for quite some time now. Being a veteran who has watched this industry come in to its own I can say that there are those with real talent and those without. Joe not only has talent but he has the ability to educate others. As an educator, I find it difficult to get continuing education due to the "territorial" nature of the industry, but when I approached Joe, he was not only willing, but excited to work together! Our training went well and Joe has continued to support me during the ramp up of my offerings in my practice for SMP (Scalp MicroPigmentation/scalp tattooing)...he is a breath of fresh air and a wonderful person. His work is high quality and he is truly an expert when it comes to hairline restoration. I feel very fortunate to have trained with him and look forward to many years of helping men (and women!) feel more confident with this life changing service. Thank you Joe, you're the best! I so very much appreciate you and your dedication to the craft! #BurnTheHats

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