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Subtle Scalp Micropigmentation Aftercare

Subtle Micropigmentation care

After the scalp micropigmentation treatment an smp aftercare is required. It involves a careful and gentle routine of cleaning, moisturizing, and protecting the treated area to ensure optimal healing, color retention, and overall satisfaction with the micropigmentation results.

Things You Must Do After SMP Treatment

Just let it relax. Often guys will stress about scalp micropigmentation aftercare taking the proper precautions to maintain good results. The best action is to just relax away from direct sun, sweating, and avoid any dirt, debris, etc.

Wash your scalp and keep it clean as suggested by your artist. We normally have guys wash with a provided shampoo within the first 2-3 days and in some cases we will suggest guys wash the day after treatment. This is custom, based on your skin health, lifestyle, etc.

No sweating for 3-7 days. Based on the individual the aftercare suggested will be catered to fit your current situation determined by skin health, lifestyle, etc.

No dry skin. Based on the individual situation smp after care lotion and or ointment will be provided to use during the healing process and thereafter. Because we work in the top thin layers of skin, we will work with an individual prior to treatment, as well as during the healing process to keep an ideal moisture to achieve top results.

You can shave your head 4-7 days after treatment session. This can change based on age, lifestyle, healing speed, preference of shaver, etc.

What’s The Best Way To Maintain The Vibrancy, Color, And Overall Health Of Your Treatment?

We will help you find the right spf (sunscreen) or hat regimen and when is ideal to use or not use. We will help you understand and maintain a healthy scalp both free of dry skin and free of oily skin using specific lotions, exfoliations, and/or simply find the best shampoo to use.

The Most Important Things Not To Do After Subtle Smp Treatment

Don’t sweat with a hat on! This is by far the worst action someone can take to ruin a micropigmentation after care. Doing so will most likely smear and muddle the ink resulting in a blotchy mess.

Don’t avoid overly dry or greasy skin. The top layers of skin we work in are temperamental and need to be just right to ensure best results achieved.

Don’t worry about redness and irritation. Often a concern before the first session, the redness subsides in 1-2 days and even starts to lessen in the first few hours. Many guys fear they will be bright red and look like they just got out of surgery. 90% of guys would be comfortable back at work the next day under bright lights as it is so subtle!

To put it simply, that’s the whole thing!

A big thanks to everyone who watched the videos. We hope you’ve gained some insights into aftercare and SMP all backed by Scalp Logic. Keep these points in mind. When you master your pre-treatment and post-treatment care, you’re ensuring a bright future with great SMP results.

If you have any questions regarding the information covered, feel free to reach out.


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