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Why Smp Doesn’t Work For Long Hair?

Smp of longhairs

Does scalp micropigmentation work for long hair? As a scalp micropigmentation customer turned artist almost 15 years ago, I’ve seen thousands of versions of smp completed on long hair.

What Is Long Hair?

In smp terms, long hair could mean growing hair out 1-2 weeks after a head shave, and of course long hair would also entail hair grown out 1 inch in length or 1 foot in length.

SMP is comprised by making little dots or impressions to stick in the top layer of skin. The smp does not poke out of the skin. The smp remains in and under the skin. This is two dimensional. Compare that to a hair transplant or hair piece/system which can match the 3D or three dimensions of real grown out, “long” hair.

Because a true natural appearance scalp micropigmentation result is 2D or just two dimensional, a flawless result on a shaved head would look incomplete, too light, or non existent when applied to longer hair. Thai concept known as scalp micropigmentation long hair, needs to be understood before embarking on having smp applied to long hair as it’s simply an incomplete or temporary method to conceal hair loss.

What If An Artist Goes Deep And Dark Enough To Match The 3d Boldness Of The Existing Long Hair?

This happens often. In most cases the result is a dark and blotchy ink stain that will remain on a persons scalp forever unless laser removed. It is extremely rare a person in this position has a natural or realistic smp appearance.

In my opinion as an artist, folks choosing smp to conceal long hair are either misinformed or unaware of the results that are produced to match or conceal such hair loss.

Are There Any Good Candidates To Get Smp For Long Hair?

There are indeed rare cases that would make a person a good candidate for scalp micropigmentation for long hair treatment, but once enough hair loss occurs, that is not the case any longer and so it is a temporary situation for some.

What About Smp On Long Hair After Hair Transplant Surgery/Surgeries?

This is a common suggestion seen on many blog sites and many folks are under the impression this is an easy smp long hair treatment. Unfortunately, as scar tissue created in the back of head needs to be concealed, it is also the scar tissue in the frontal regions (where the hair was transplanted) that can cause isssues for smp, as scar tissue rarely if ever “holds or maintains” smp ink like a healthy, un scarred scalp. Additionally, often hair transplanted hair has a high tendency to be thicker than real hair and so matching the smp to transplanted hair can be quite difficult for an artist.


In conclusion, do your research and look only for long term healed results to make a firm opinion. This is still a new industry and there is a lot to understand before making a committed decision.
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